Saturday, July 12, 2008

oh, canada!

whelp, just returned from a real border crossing, not just taco bell this time. oh, canada!
man, canada sucks!

we got harassed by every heroin addicted bum in all of vancouver (and that is A LOT) food is so expensive and GODDAMMIT THERE MONEY IS WORTH MORE THAN OURS. this is realy REALLY a problem for me. we stayed in some nutty rv park because it was cheaper than any hostel except we slept on rocks! both woke up hurting and went to eat at a place called sophies that i thought was good but naomi was inconsolable. she hated it. i think it was because her omelette had dill in it. poor thing.
then we went to jericho park to swim in the water but the water was DIRTY! like worse than coney island! seriously!!! but the beach was okay and had big logs sitting on it and you could be topless, which was cool. so we tanned for an hour or so and then made a run for the border. waited in line at the border crossing for almost TWO HOURS! goddammit again! seriously. NO ONE was in line to get to canada. no one cares about canada! the line for USA was SO LONG! i was blasting songs about america and waving the flag at all the canadians. get your dopey license plates out of here!

now we rest back in seattle. its so comfy here! tomorrow we are going to IDAHO! can you believe it?! we've been in washington for over a week! that is insane!!! resting in one place too long is DANGEROUS. i really like it here, but know i will hate it here in the winter when it is incessantly raining. no thank you! right now it is very pleasant, and the swimming is fine! tomorrow we were going to go to coeur d'alene, but i think now we are going to a place called twin lakes, id, because whitney (robin's roommate) has some family cabins there and we can stay for free. why not!

i am having such a lovey time! i miss anyone who misses me, i promise!
everything i do, i do with love,

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