Thursday, July 31, 2008

kansas city here i come

can you visit a town solely because you like a song about it? i did already go to winslow, arizona, and the black mining hills of dakota, and both of them were good, great even! there was that one anniversary song about "drove north where i found you waiting in des moines" but honestly i don't know why anyone would wait here. actually, dare i say it, des moines might be actually a scary place! i went to the fareway for some food tonight and it was SCARY in there. they had like 3 cut watermelons and 10 peaches and the beauty product section was only about 1/10th of an aisle! can you believe that? most people here don't have teeth, and i saw 2 trucks (not even big rigs) that had those nasty balls hanging down from the back. those things make me sick! i ate one of the larabars from the cooler that i've had since at least miami, IT WAS NOT GOOD. at first i said "mmmm!" but then as i chewed and chewed, i realized something was very very off. i swallowed the one bite, and i am still alive. please pray for me. pray for me in des moines. i am staying at a hotel called the "bavarian inn" the inside is really dumpy but my door is actually inside instead of outside, and there is an "indoor pool" that i think i will use tomorrow morning. its pretty big and it looks very green. they gave me a coupon for a free glass of wine at the restaurant, but i am not going to use it. i feel sort of wasteful, but i fear that if i go to the bar, i may not make it out alive. i also cannot find the hbo channel. where are youuuuuuu??

truthfully iowa is so bad. everything here is bad. a toothless woman at the salvation army said "you know we aren;t all farmers here in iowa" but really, at least if they were all farmers they would be doing something productive. at least more productive than hanging some nasty rubber testicles from your car and calling it quits. also! some nasty man on i-35 made a kissing face at me today! yuck!

i cannot wait to get to missouri tomorrow. i have never been to missouri! they have a nicer license plate than iowa, and they have two cities i cannot wait to visit! kcmo! slmo!
i am alone again, and i feel fine about it so far. i cried a few times in the car today, but all these songs kept coming on about "home" in one way or another. my final destination is no longer unknown. my final destination is home. and its a strange feeling. i am trying not to think about the trip ending, but its sort of hard to do for whatever reason. people keep saying "well what are you going to do when the trip is over?" i dont know people, please stop asking!

i guess that is all for now. would you like to see a picture? i really dont have anything all that exciting. how about a video of me driving in iowahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

adios amigos!

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