Tuesday, July 8, 2008

ooh baby i love your way

well well well. howdy from the evergreen state!
i have been in washington since the 3rd. we spent the 4th of july here, and walked about 5 miles that night. IT WAS CRAZY!

sunday we went up to the olympic peninsula to a town called port townsend where my friend robin's parents have a house. IT WAS SO NICE. very peaceful and the stars were great. i really love traveling. i guess we've established this already. BUT its nice being able to compare the stars in port townsend, wa to the stars in marfa, texas. man those stars in marfa, they were REALLY something. it was like some crazy incredible glittering maddness. so anyways, i have a running list in my head of the "best-of's"and things are slowly stacking up. i don't know if it is a good thing that i am keeping a running list of places as i go. basically a place becomes eligible even while i am still in the place. instant reflection! i guess i'll just go with it. see what happens.

still not sure what exactly is happening next. we were toying with the idea of going back to eugene for the country fair, then we thought maybe we'd go back to portland and spend time in hood river and then head to boise and east from there. but i think maybe we decided to go to canada? vancouver for a day or two and then drive south-east to glacier national park and then down to yellowstone from there. does that sound good??? TIP ME. PLEASE. why are people always telling me "oh i read your blog" but then no one ever comments?! i just don't understand. what is with you people?

also! we are watching reality bites (again). why is this movie so ingrained in my life? but now that i've actually been to houston, i can relate to this movie on a whole other level! its so much better! i am so happy!

okay so. i think its time to say goodnight. so goodnight! and see you again soon!!

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