Tuesday, July 15, 2008

i've learned to take it well

well well well. we are now in montana! big sky state! we had to cross idaho, the gem state, to get here. and spent the night in rathdrum, idaho with a roommate of robin's, whitney, whose mom and dad own 6 cabins on the lower twin lake. it was really perfect weather and perfect swimming and sunning time. we had to leave around two to make it to glacier national park before dark. we barely did that after we stopped at a few rest stops that all had huckleberry in the name. got to glacier and picked our tent site (this is the hardest thing!) slept there and hoped a bear wouldn't eat us. woke up to swim in lake mcdonald, the largest lake in the park. a glacial lake! i basically waded in and then as soon as i got in to swim around i felt like my legs were paralyzed and i had to get out. sunned on a picnic table and looked at that clear lake for a while. then had to pack up and leave.

drove yesterday to missoula montana, passed the flathead lake. if you ever visit a lake i would say visit flathead. although coeur d'alene was also a very beautiful lake. but flathead! man! plus its huge. so drove around the east side of the flathead lake to get to missoula where we are staying in a kabin at a koa. this is our first koa experience, and other than having to pay for mini-golfing, i would say its been quite pleasant indeed. went out last night to a bar called "charlie b's" for a beer. beer is cheap in montana! had fun looking at everyone wearing athletic sandals and all kinds of hat and hair choices. woooo-weeee!

today we are off to big sky. and this is not a lie! the sky is massive and filled with colors you wouldn't believe! i would say that everything is definitely bigger in texas, and montana is truly big sky country. lately we've been having a lot of fun saying "this is god's country" if there is anywhere to believe something like that, i would say its probably montana. lots of cowboys here, and not the texas kind. these are real cowboys because this is REAL hick territory. we are even in the paris of montana! imagine that!

time to take a shower in kreepy koa shower. yikes!

love love and then more love,

closeup of front bumper


naomi swimming

montana landscape

moonshine on lake mcdonald



our happy home in missoula

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Emily said...

Hey kiddies,
You are breezing through the non-coastal West! Lovely photos. See you soon in the sweet and humid land of 10,000 lakes.