Sunday, July 20, 2008

somewhere in the black mining hills of dakota

just a quick one before we are off to wind cave, crazy horse, mt rushmore and WALL DRUG!
in south dakota now. wyoming is a weird place WEIRD. we stayed in thermopolis at a giant mineral pool rv park. met a father and daughter who we originally thought were boyfriend and girlfriend and that they were extremely drunk. turns out they were just really country. omg! they told us lots of tales and i learned that driving a big rig is "not as glamorous as it seems" okay then!

now we are in south dakota which i already like more than wyoming. wyoming was TOO country for me (if that is possible) the population of the entire state is somethign like 473,000. i mean, come on!

so now we are making our way back to minneapolis, but i think we will stay in omaha for 2 days and then i can see sarah.

i need to go we have too much to do today!


p.s. i forgot to notify you when i crossed the 10,000 mile mark. it was long ago! i think i am almost up to 12,000 now!!

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