Wednesday, July 30, 2008

this is an invitation across the nation

well hello! been a while, eh?
i rest in minneapolis currently, and have been here for six days. i am leaving tomorrow and trying not to really think about continuing on alone, because, i will be fine, right? why even plague myself with trouble when there will be none, right?

so, there was a time, not long ago, when i forgot to write like every day, and i went to so many states! i think the last you heard of me i was in wyoming or south dakota. i feel like i should post the nicknames for all the states i have been to because its something i started and feel i should finish.
wyoming: the equality state
south dakota: mount rushmore state
iowa: the hawkeye state
nebraska: the cornhusker state
minnesota: the north star state

some nicknames make sense, others do not. iowa is a bad place and i am not looking forward to traveling to des moines tomorrow. DES MOINES! who even goes there?! iowa, in fact, smells quite bad, and if you are lucky when driving on i-35 you will see corn on only one side of your car and cows or lettuce or something else on the other side. more often than not there is corn on both sides and it is FLAT. i am sick of the people who want to tell me iowa is beautiful and hilly. SHUT UP. iowa is a bad place BAD and i am not pleased that i have to return, but this is the way my trip is unfolding. i also really wanted to visit milwaukee on this trip because laverne and shirley has made an undying mark on my brain, and thought that maybe i would be able to take a ferry from muskegon, michigan over to wisconsin, but it costs ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY FOUR DOLLARS round trip for EACH PERSON! what kind of sick and cruel world is this?! can't a girl just get to milwaukee?! i mean, let's be serious people! all i wanted to do was go to milwaukee and live out my schlitz dreams! why can't you just give me a break? what ever happened to we're gonna make our dreams come true, doing it our way? i hate you.

speaking of beer factories, i AM going to visit the anheuser-busch flagship factory in st. louis very very soon. st. louis is a place i am excited to visit for many reasons, which i will now list: budweiser, chuck berry, that damned arch that does actually look very very nice, and my friend amanda dinatale. those are more reasons than i had to visit other places, so...i think it will be a good place to be. i am going to kansas city purely because of the song "kansas city" and my friend patrick rocha, whom i may not even see if he holds true to his ways, and i am going there on friday, no doubt about it, with only two semi-good reasons! i am so very very excited for the budweiser factory tour, DESPITE the fact that anheuser-busch just sold themselves to some terrible belgian/brazilian company called inbev! what an awful name! they are now changing their name to anheuser-busch inbev. GROSS. i dont really support things like that, but i do, wholeheartedly, support budweiser, so...

wow! this is long! i should show you pictures but i am behind on those as well, go figure. i think i will get caught up in des moines, because, let's be honest, what else will i have to do?
so! hello from minnesota! i have picked up the accent and hope it goes away soon because i'd rather talk like i'm from texas than talk like i am from some godforsaken place like IOWA. christ! why is that place even in the union?!?

much much love from the road that doesn't appear to stretch forever anymore,

p.s. 13,000 miles!

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