Tuesday, June 17, 2008

we're alive!!!

kingman, az is a BAD place. couldn't leave fast enough. although we went shopping at the salvo and had some coffee at a pretty leisurly pace. went to the hoover dam. DAM ITS BIG. hit 112 degrees on the thermostat on our drive to vegas. staying with an old friend of my dad's who is treating us very very kindly. tomorrow we are going to see cirque du soleil! wee! i told her i want to "pull some slots" feeling a little punchy lately (as kathy jean would say), and man! the words that come out of my mouth! you wouldn't believe what i've been saying!

we plan to spend the next 2 days here and then drive through the joshua tree and hopefully camp there and then to costa mesa for the RTN initiation of sorts, and the LA! the promised land! ha. i just cant wait to be at the ocean. this desert air is killing me! everything feels so D-R-Y.

i'm about ready to finally have a great night's sleep when there isn't a train passing by every hour, or haunted spirits, or sunshine streaming into my EYES, or a wind storm, or goats, turtles, sheep, rv's, highways, heat, bugs, dirt, etc etc etc. SERIOUSLY. last night was the SCARIEST night of my LIFE. MY ENTIRE LIFE. never again. NEVER AGAIN. kingman arizona is honestly a ghost town. and one i never hope to return to, at that. i would never even WISH that upon someone i hated. well.... maybe if someone was really awful i would send them to kingman as some sort of PRISON. christ!

did i mention how me and naomi have been crossing ourselves any time we see a cross on the side of the road? i started it, and i think we're pretty good at it now. do you think its bad to do that if you don't really believe in god? i think of it more as a thought for whoever met their untimely death in that place. i think of it as a nice gesture. i hope it actually is.

also, we haven't seen any bull elk, scorps, or big horned sheep. WHERE ARE THEY? the scorps i could maybe do without, but the bull elk and the big horns we NEED to see. come out!

alright, its time to retire.
sin city! pullin slots! win big! send me a cross!


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