Monday, June 16, 2008

i've seen sunny days that i thought would never end

christ, i feel like i haven't written a good journal entry in ages. honestly i am just so EXHAUSTED. and tonight i thought we could get a proper night's sleep but NO we are apparently staying in a haunted hotel. WHAT THE FUCK THE WEBSITE DID NOT SAY THAT. so we are in this little bed basically throwing up listening to noises above us that please dear god please are coming from an actual living human. we made a video. the train passes by (it may as well pass through the center of our room) every hour or so. santa fe railroad!

its been a very crazy and eventful number of days since we have left austin. we are in kingman, arizona now and tomorrow we will once again cross state lines and enter NEVADA. jury's still out on the appropriate pronunciation of nevada, but maybe if we hear some locals say it we will learn the answer.

TONS OF PICTURES on my flickr: please visit! i do not have the energy to copy and paste and i apologize for that, but there are some GEMS. our video is below and please watch it. all six minutes. maybe it will be fun or funny?

and maybe sometime soon i will be able to write a proper blog. blargh. we can't wait for the golden state! i need the ocean air so badly. we are dry from head to toe. my mouth and nose feel like the desert, basically. and i never want to return to the grand canyon unless i am on a burro.

goodnight all! we may not sleep tonight, but we will have a story to tell!

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