Wednesday, June 11, 2008

i think it's day 44?

hello from carslbad,new mexico! the land of enchantment! after about 10 days in the lone star state, we have crossed an invisible line again into a new place!
we are about to take off, and i only have a tiny bit of time to write here.
saw the bats fly out of the cave last night and i cried. something about all those people sitting there silently watching these spirals of bats fly off in clouds into the night.

drove through west texas for two days. WHAT A BEAUTIFUL PLACE. i want to return. post haste.

driving through el paso today and then to truth or consequences.
i have tons of pictures and even a video of our tent violently shaking fron the wind last night, but have no time to post them. maybe tonight?

the highs are around 105, but in the car on the highway we reached 108. gas is steady at 4.09 in carlsbad, but we paid 4.26 somewhere in texas the other day. everything is giant and we are seeing snakes, jackrabbits, prarie dogs, and ringtails. no scorps yet!

gotta run, hopefully you will hear from me again soon,


p.s. 5500 miles and going strong!

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