Thursday, October 16, 2008

may you never

i wish i could talk about my trip every day all day.
i feel fortunate to be here, in a peaceful reflective place, rather than in new york where it is much harder for things to stick or penetrate.
i like to remember small moments in random order.
things i couldn't take pictures of.
the cowboy in that gas station in mississippi, swimming in all those pools: des moines, memphis, naples, las vegas, waking up in the freezing cold night after night, the fog in northern california that made everything feel so much more significant, all of those animals!

i want to tell you every story all at once. i want to relive the entire thing every single day in 24 hours. i miss feeling so free, but i do feel like now that i know what i am capable of, its that much easier to do it again. and you know what? i think i will. its funny people are always calling me negative, because really, i am an eternal optimist. i believe people are good, and i believe that is what i saw. most every interaction i had was positive and restored my faith in goodness. now if i could only find a husband.

just a few for good measure (these are real film photos!):






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