Friday, October 31, 2008

burn like august, shine like golddust

halloween tomorrow, and i just realized i have no eyelash adhesive! major faux pas! heading to the city to play play play vote. voting! the election! it almost (almost) overshadows halloween on a friday. what an exciting time!

moving on, moving on, the main reason for this entry was not to share my lack of lash glue with you, no, but to share a video with you, and talk about my unyielding desire to be a 1950's opry singer a la goldie hill or really any of the carter sisters other than june (too punchy)

so, i know i talk often about "born too late" (and we're talking like....40 years too late here) and how really i belong in a time where hips and updo's ruled. try as i may, i cannot shake this feeling. i want to make the best of these times, but really, who sings in unison these days? i figure, if i keep working on my two step, and my finger curls, i can make some sort of fantasy/reality for myself at some point.

okay then! here's to the next few days, and eating delicious sandwiches aplenty!

love to the hills,

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