Sunday, October 5, 2008

i can tell my sister by the flowers in her eyes

what a time what a life.
so this weekend was actually an eventful and fun one!
friday i woke up early - as has been the case for most days of the past 2 weeks, and drove to poughkeepsie to get the train to the city. i was pleasantly surprised to find out that parking in the parking garage was only $2.50! arrived an hour late due to train engine troubles. visited with my old therapist, picked up my film (33 rolls!), bought a pair of tights, got an underarm wax, went up to conde to finally see my old co-workers there, then off to greenpoint with maylis to go to farmer's gallery opening.
magically the events of the day had fit together in such a nice way that i felt good and managed to keep a smile on my face and mean it for virtually the entire night. i even got to eat my favorite sandwich from hana foods!
woke up in kaitlin's bed, spent a few hours telling road stories to her roommates. its so nice to talk about my trip. i didn't really do enough of that. walked back to maylis' to get my film and beauty products and then g to the 7 to grand central. another train ride and car ride and i was home again all within about 30 hours. whirlwind indeed!

so then last night my only albany friend meg had a birthday party. so i arrived just a bit late. its tricky here how you have to go out and try to have fun but then think about getting your car back home. i hate that! i will need to live in a place where you can walk to a nice place and get a drink. anyways, i was very tired at this party, so i left after dinner and that was fine. meg was having a great time and i'm glad she had such a nice birthday.

today i slept and slept, and then helped my dad measure the driveway (don't ask). we found out about an apple tree on our neighbors lawn, so now i can get apples. there's also a quince tree! what can i do with a quince? then when we were walking back from the apple tree there was a GIANT snake in the driveway! yikes! he tried to bite us! that asshole. my dad got him out of the way with a stick and i was running around and making noises. it was such a nice day today that i decided to go to the town park to take a walk on these trails i used to love when i was younger. thankfully, they were as cool as i remembered them, which doesn't happen often.
so to end this long, and i'm sure quite boring, entry, i will post some beautiful pictures from my walk. i would love to call it a hike, but i think it was really a walk. anyways, here they are, goodnight.

barn in glenmont

this old house

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