Monday, October 27, 2008

down to the valley, gonna teach the children how to play

i have been working on my halloween costume all weekend, and i just finished the painting. its possible i may need to go in and fix a few painting slips, and i also want to make some kind of necklace so that it will be more obvious what i am supposed to be.
but here is the costume so far:

paper doll costume

and here is the inspiration:


yikes! so.....yikes!

its been basically dark all day today, maybe this is natures foreshadowing. i think i may make like the birds this year. come january you may find me brown as a berry sipping some sort of coconut concoction just takin it keasy. its possible!

now that i've finished my project, i think i can begin my day. night. whatever.

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Caroline said...

um...this is brilliant