Friday, October 10, 2008

this is the town and these are the people

i just want to say:

now that i've traveled the entire country (!) so many things make more sense to me.
i meet a band from san antonio and it just makes more sense. music makes more sense. people make more sense!

i think about the desert almost daily.

in other news: i am seeking out and finding new music that feels right to me now. it might even be current(!) make me take those dancing lessons! make me go back to nashville! make me go back to the swamp! i will not turn down those dance requests this time!

this one goes out to that little kid who knew all the words to every top 40 country song blaring out over that hot hot murky pool with the cottonwood seeds in clumps along each wall. to all the places stuck in the corners. to finding life, losing life, and then the rediscovery.

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