Tuesday, November 4, 2008

all the young dudes

so! halloween was quite a success! friday night we went to 5 parties in the wb, and as expected, everyone thought i was something much more complicated than i actually was, but there were some people who got it and loved it. most importantly, i loved the costume and it was really funny dancing in it.
saturday, chiara invited me to accompany her to jesse's work costume party. at first i was not about dressing up again, but when i realized i could pack other clothes, i was sort of into giving the doll another spin. people at this party LOVED the doll and knew exactly what it was. this party was super for so many reasons, but mostly because i got to see jordan dressed as "the girl" and it was INCREDIBLE. i also saw stephanie's palin and louie and amber as polar bears! cuuuute!

pictures are below. is this election amazing or what? i can't believe this! i can't stop crying!

carmen miranda and farmer beetlejuice:
carmen miranda and farmer beetlejuice

paper doll:
paper doll

spirit of a preschool teacher and huck finn:
spirit of a preschool teacher and huck finn

girl slash #1:
girl slash #1

mushrooms unite:
toadie and magic mushroom

new york tourist:
nyc tourist

best buy guy:
best buy guy

girl slash #2:
girl slash #2 sitting on a beavers lap


glory hole:
glory hole

tacos #1 and #2:
taco #1
taco #2

old timey baseball player:
old time baseball player

polar bears:
pair of polar bears


"the girl":
the girl

"the girl" and the doll:
the girl and the paper doll

the doll drinks:
paper doll drinks number two


dancing bear:

bye bye dolly:
wah wah i left it next to the garbage

the end! first black president! i don't have to move to mexico!

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