Saturday, December 4, 2010

and went looking for another light

i've paused undressed (which (you're welcome) you may view here: to make good on my promise and show you some blue sky blues to cure your grey sky woes.






i love wearing a big scarf as much as the next girl but right about now i miss being BROWN. sitting in that car singing taylor swift sunshining on my forearms and that one patch of thigh the big open world just breezy all around and every single thing is the best possible song. it'll be back soon enough, is what i tell myself to bear the boots and socks and slacks and such. and until then life will just continue to stack on itself in the most clever ways. sometimes it'll catch me, jostle me, out of daydreams; tug me by the elbow and say "but just look at whats happened here" and what can you do except make that cute surprised face and laugh at the waywardness of it all.

and that's quite literally all i've got.
i've moved on to huck finn (whatta rascal) and i'm about ready to read that in my perfection of a bed. i'll see you see you see you soon.

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