Thursday, September 30, 2010

wash away my sorrow, wash away my shame

boy would i have loved to have put a real live early 70's performance of this song here instead of that karaoke stuff up there, but y'all get the point, no?

hello!!! man, i'm really weirdly bad at the internet these days. i'm weirdly bad at a lot of stuff these days, actually, but today i am magically feeling quite chipper and even my awful professor in clinic couldn't defeat my mood. i need to start working on an outfit for my night out tonight (they are few and far between nowadays) and hope this positive energy sticks around at least through the weekend so i can enjoy my friends whom i miss immensely.

not much else to report on, sadly. but i am working on getting some film developed, which will lead to things to show and stories to tell (god knows i have about a trillion of these) also i think expect more karaoke videos (i'm sure you're thrilled) because stephanie and i are about due for another round of this. maybe expect some pictures from my weekend and some pictures of all the nice foods i plan on eating in the near future. also expect love and joy and hugs and sparkles coming out of my eyes.


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