Friday, May 14, 2010

and the light of the night fell on me

and so begins another cycle of packing and moving and unpacking.
i found a place to live!

my new room

main room

the top picture will be my new room. the second picture will be the main space, a kitchen/living room combo. you'll have to use your imagination slightly because its not yet finished. should my room be light green or light blue? somehow i am feeling like i want light blue this time?

my bedroom

that's my room right now. i would either probably paint it the same color or something like this:


any thoughts? i need to feel it out. my past two rooms in new york have been light green, maybe i'm getting bored of it. blue is feeling so appealing to me at the moment.

its funny in new york, most people move quite a bit, and i am certainly one of those. i was running over all my old addresses in my head and making a compare/contrast list: 559 lorimer, 339 graham, 573 lorimer, 103 skillman, 901 grand. this time my number is even. this will be the first even address i've lived at in my entire life. my childhood addresses were a 77 and a 39 and now my dad lives at 81. i mean......? i'm taking this evenness as a good sign. as a sign of legit divisibility without fractions. i'm going to run with this theory and you will most certainly be kept posted.

as for me, i'm finished with school for the semester. i'm hoping i keep my 3.7 gpa. i'm hoping i have a lazy sunny summer filled with lots of joyful substance and i turn brown as a berry and everything is fine as can be. i'm selling at the hester street fair tomorrow, and hopefully most weekends for the rest of the summer. i have so many new shoes to debut!

i'll leave you with a picture of my new little house:


and that's that. life without a set schedule is bizarre. cheers!