Sunday, April 4, 2010

if that's my prayer book, lord, let us pray

you know like sometimes when you just don't feel like going to sleep and instead you want to stand around and sing paul simon in your party skirt?

i thought, graceland, being released in 1986, that a real live music video would exist for the ronstadt duet 'under african skies' but it DOES NOT and i am GUTTED. but let me tell you there are a sure damn lot of acoustic covers of the goddamn song and now i've lost a part of my life i can never get back. but i digress...

been really missing living alone in some trees recently. its turning into an ache. i'm stuck between the spokes of the decision wheel once again, my friends. should i move apartments or am i just a perpetual restless when i'm living here. i can't relax! i feel myself wound and winding and i can't cut loose! for instance, right now, as i'm blogging, i am certain there is a really fun party next door. why didn't i go check it out? i'm sort of getting into doldrums status over here. i guess this is where i publicly declare that almost every day of being without real true grass and trees feels like being medievally tortured.

i guess this marks the end of this blog. tomorrow is studying the histology of dentin, cementum, and pulp. on the roof. with one of those tin foil shields around my face to crisp me up good and brown. i might start writing a book. i'd really do anything to avoid studying so this actually might happen. and if it does, thank god the cover already exists:

i see you guys next time, okay?

p.s. happy birthday mama. i love you.


Amelia said...

just thought I'd say that ;)
cute header!

Anonymous said...

IT IS A VERY NICE SUGGESTION, THANK YOU LOTS! ........................................