Saturday, May 3, 2008

we're all in this together

day 2:
the keystone state
the old line state

dinner at ben's chilli bowl in washington d.c.

vodka sodas at pharmacy bar in adams morgan.

lots of hanging out with my friend tom in his mini apartment inside a mansion. its so beautiful and old and perfect. it has so many bathrooms and really great tiling in the kitchen that reminds me of the kitchen of the dad's ranch in parent trap (original)

time for sleep i am so tired. tomorrow: richmond, va to see my friend jackie that i haven't seen in probably 6 years. i am so excited to be in warm weather and ride on her scooter. not excited for driving on i-95 but i will make the best of it.

day 3:
old line state
the old dominion

arrived in richmond around 2pm, dripping with sweat. i learned on the drive that loretta's ac is broken. excruciating. hung out with jackie at her work for a while, and then at her studio (which is in the same building) visited her house briefly, and then hopped on her scooter "olive" and rode to get sandwiches and then back to the studio for open studio night. scooting is exhilarating! around 9 we decided to go duckpin bowling, and visited "plaza bowl." if i ever visit richmond again, plaza bowl will be on my agenda. everything was manual, including scoring, and you had to press a button to clear the pins. the ball return was just made of wood, and we were the only people inside. i got tips on duckpin bowling (which calls for a totally different form than regular bowling) from a group of old men with no teeth who cheered for me for the rest of the game. went home and passed out.
i write this entry from pence subaru on midlothian turnpike in midlothian, va, where, for $300 they are replacing the o-rings in my ac system and recharging it with freon. let's hope this works because in 5 days i will be in 90 degree weather and its only going to increase from there.

today i day 4, i think i am staying in richmond for the weekend. heading to north carolina on monday. not sure where i'll stop yet. but somewhere with wireless internet and free continental breakfast, for sure. so you'll be hearing from me again soon.

take care,

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