Monday, May 5, 2008

i don't need you to worry for me cause i'm alright

day 6:

the old dominion
the tar heel state (the old north state)

left richmond around 10:30 and drove through virginia on i-64 and then into the farmlands of north carolina on 168 and 158. brenda (my gps) took me for a funny detour around currituck, nc, and i tried to be mad but then i drove past this swampland where i saw a toothless man in a canoe, and i couldn't help but be happy. i like to think that maybe he and brenda are old friends and she wanted to see him. drove past miles and miles of farmland that mostly looked like plowed dirt, but i think they were soybean fields.

drove over a long bridge into the outer banks, and only wanted to stare at the water, but couldn't for fear of flying into it! speaking of flying, staying about 350 yards from the actual sight of the first flight. all the license plates here have an airplane on them and say "first in flight" i was thinking "so!? big deal!" but actually, it is a BIG deal. so thanks wright brothers, you did something that is such a big deal it now goes on all the license plates in north carolina!

tomorrow i am going to take my first shower. ha! and then eat my free continental breakfast. and then head to roanoke for a while to see some historic stuff, and then head to wilmington for tomorrow night. i think i am staying at the super 8 where there is free wifi, so you will hear from me again.

lots of love from this big atlantic ocean,

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