Thursday, May 22, 2008

get on your bikes and ride!

today is day 23.
i am back in satellite beach in the comfort of an actual home, it is a welcome change from all the musty hotel rooms and bug bites and car with no air-conditioning. my dress was soaked by the time we arrived here today, and it was only a 2.5 hour drive. loretta has an appointment in palm bay tomorrow at 9:30am. i called and the lady in the service shop was like "oh what time do you want to come in?" i said "first thing" she said "okay be here at 7:30" i said "oh, not that first thing, i guess" she says "ha, how about 9:30, then?"

st. pete was a very nice little place, and treasure island, where we stayed the night, was beautiful and had a huge sandy beach that was filled with shells. AMERICAN IDOL OH MY GOD DAVID COOK YOU LITTLE COMBOVER FAT BABY FACE JERK YOU. but really, i'm happy for him. really, i am. archie will be famous in his own right, he doesn't need to be the winner of american idol! you show them archie, i'm routing for you!

woke up this morning and drove to the largest book store in florida where i purchased 3 books, all of which i have forgotten the titles of. oops. then walked next door to a little shrimp shack and ordered the only vegetarian thing on the menu, grit cakes. i never knew such a thing existed. i was expecting something flat and pancake like, but NO they were like giant tots! oh the glory!

WAIT I FORGOT TO TALK ABOUT THE PIE. oh god the pie. pie and grit cakes forever. fill a big empty swimming pool with those two things and put me at the bottom. i will gladly eat my way out like the fat little piggy i am. also put that amazing key limey milky drink i got at the lesbian bar in key west. pearl's rainbow! did i ever tell the story of how we got the code? i think i did. it was such the highlight of the whole trip.

have i also said i am ready to get the hell out of florida? if i can't go to epcot then just vaporize the entire state. did you know disney costs $75 dollars for one day at one park?! how is that legal? did you also know floridians don't pay income tax because they have disney and so much tourism? how is it that i pay so much city tax to those jerks in new york city when they have all the tourists in the world packed like sardines into midtown manhattan? if florida wasn't such a pit of despair i would open a little vintage gem somewhere on the shores and be rich!

what else....few more days here and only SIX DAYS until best friends are reunited! i am very excited to see my pea-brained friend again. we haven't seen each other since the middle of march, and now i am so tan i will probably be unrecognizable!

a few pictures and then i need to retire for the night. i am exhausted in every sense of the word, and tomorrow i need to get cracking on the piles and piles of shoes that are inside my car. what a task! also i am still SO ITCHY! camping on the beach is a novel idea IN THEORY. but those bugsssssss you have no idea what vile creatures they are. just look below at my inflicted cousin's arm. you will know our pain.

much love from the dining room,


bug disease

sundial inn, sarasota, fl

yoder's pie menu


picture taking spot!

the florida experience

sunset treasure island

white sand

sunset forever

haslam's books

grit cakes


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