Wednesday, May 7, 2008

but i know, its my own damn fault

day 8:
the tar heel state
the palmetto state

hello from historic charleston! its fairly fratty here, but beautiful none-the-less. i am staying at a hostel a little outside of the downtown area. its pretty cute and i think i only have to share my room with one other person tonight, so all in all it isn't too bad.

had an amazing breakfast at the dixie grill on market street in downtown wilmington, and then drove mainly on us-17 the entire way from wilmington to charleston.
almost as soon as i crossed the invisible line into south carolina i started seeing small palm trees, and it felt very southern. drove right through myrtle beach which appeared to be a sea of mini golf and seafood restaruants but MASSIVE ones. also huuuuuge stores that sold beach supplies and all said "discount" on the front. stopped into a small thrift store, mostly furniture, in north myrtle beach to use the bathroom and bought a necklace for naomi and two floral wall hangings made from wax. the owner told me they had picked them up from the home of an 86 year old lady who had passed away. she apparently hand made them herself. that just makes them better than i originally thought.

17 went from being congested to being empty and then back to congested. watched my e.t.a. go from 3:11 to 3:15 to 3:20 to 3:35 with each stop light, and then back down to 3:25 when the road went up to 60mph. i ended up arriving around 4 and the hostel didn't open until 5. i drove downtown and searched for parking. had to get change for the meter in a cigar shop where the clerk asked me if i wanted change in pennies. what a joker. had an iced tea at a tea shop called "teavana" consisted of yerba mate and pepermint mixed together with chipped "designer ice" (ice with sugar in it) and served with a bubble tea straw so you could suck up the ice. it was worth the 4 dollars. i might go get another tomorrow. also got a humus sandwich from papa zizi's that had kalmata olives and a delicious yogurt sauce with dill in it. bought a peanut butter cookie from a sweets shop in the historic market and walked to the cooper river.

OH! to enter to charleston you cross over this bridge called the cooper river bridge. IT IS GLORIOUS! i will attach some pictures for your viewing pleasure.

hope you are all well.
tomorrow i might go to an old plantation house and then maybe some thrifting before i head to savannah to stay with the friend of a friend named lashawn. sweet as pie.

much love from the old capital of the south,

downtown charleston 2

tree lined block

magnolia blossom

wild willies

cooper river front


downton charleston 3

two wax wall hangings

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