Wednesday, May 21, 2008 the perogative to have a little fun

day 21:

well hello from sarasota!
florrrrriddaaaaahhhhh whhyyyyyyyy arrreeeee youuuuuuu soooooo hoooottttttt.

loretta decided to pee out all her freon again so we are without a/c. mind you, highs are around 95 and the humidity is holding strong at 92%. ever since i found out the car is broken again i have had a headache. i hate the thought that i just spend $300 to fix something and two weeks later it is broken again. when we got out of the car tonight in sarasota our seats were soaked. MY SHINS WERE SWEATING. is that even possible? i swear sweat was dripping from my thighs. what the hell! add that to the itching all over our bodies (noseeums fuck off) and it was a very unpleasant trip)

thrifting has been great. and the only good thing in a string of bad things recently. for instance, tonight, we didnt have a pre-arranged place to stay in sarasota, so we were driving down us-41 past motel after motel trying to read the signs with the prices and pulled into one that smelled bad and was too dark. then we stopped by the "Cadillac motel" looked fine enough, super 50's and you needed to be buzzed into the office. asked for the best rate and if we could check out the room. okay cool. room was horribly dark and wood paneled and painted yellow and looked haunted, there was a desk that appeared to be dirty, i touched a red spot on the desk to find it was WET. smelled my finger, smelled like blood, i died inside and RAN out the door "no thank you" sped away. florida is the land of u-turns. "make a u-turn" thanks brenda. we now reside at the sundial inn. it was cheaper than cadillac and the room has no signs of blood or ghosts. AND THERE IS WIFI. thank you lord. our god is an awesome god. please fix my a/c.

i am delirious and laugh til i cry. american idol. what the hell. serena is covered in bug bites and appears to have small pox. i made her wipe off my computer after she used it. sorry cuz.

i need to attempt sleep again. today i ate 4 bananas, half a thing of checkers fries, yogurt, lara bar, 10 pistachio nuts. is that enough?

TOMORROW WE FEAST ON PIE!!!!!! i am dying with delight at the thought of the hotcakes, grits, eggs, cheese, potatoes, toast, butter, and PIE. sweet PIE. god how i love PIE. peanut butter cream, sweet peach, chocolate cream, strawberry cream, CREAM. FEED MEEEEEEEEEE.


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