Tuesday, May 27, 2008

we goes where we wishes, we's as free as fishes

day 28:

FINALLY left the sunshine state on a drive that felt infinite. that panhandle sure is long! entered the central time zone long before i entered alabama (which has no official nickname, but i would like to call it the heart of dixie from here on out (we could also say the cotton state, but heart of dixie just sounds nicer to me)
florida panhandle is rolling hills out of tallahassee, and then becomes flat outside pensicola and into alabama.

arrived at the hotel i decided i was going to "splurge" on, and got an actually good rate! thank god for male desk clerks! why are all lady desk clerks (save sara at pearl's rainbow) such bitchy losers? this hotel is magnificent and i love it here. i wish i could stay forever. maybe not forever. but longer than one night. AND THERE IS FREE BREAKFAST! the only downer is that the pool (which looks glorious) is closed (guy said its dirty, well CLEAN IT YOU JERKS!). so my dreams of swimming in the enclosed pool area have been dashed. i did, however, get to visit the A+M peanut shop, which was everything i could have wanted and more. then i walked all the way down dauphin street (main drag of sorts), and then turned around at the end and walked back to wintzell's oyster restaurant. i seriously contemplated eating seafood gumbo but then thought only of the parrot fish that appeared to be kissing the coral at looe key reef and couldn't do it. maybe in nola. ended up with fried okra, broccoli and fries and 3 ICE COLD miller lite drafts that totaled 9 dollars. a fine meal indeed.

back in my grand room. thinking about lounging in my king size bed and watching a bit of tv. i am very excited to have gained an hour. it means i will sleep and wake earlier and make it on time to FREE BREAKFAST tomorrow. mobile seems like a city with a lot of possibility, but also a place where there are invisible rules in place that may not move or change ever. i love all these old buildings with their wide plank floors and thick molding and places that just smell like history. i want to live in an old house. terribly. maybe i will buy one in mobile with my ebay money. YEAH RIGHT. HA. okay so here is a video i made a few hours ago and some pictures i took in the very recent past.

hope you are all well. i am eating extra peanut brittle for all of you,

malaga inn

malaga inn courtyard sunset

malaga inn room

hoffman furniture co

A+M peanut shop

nut case

mobile dinner


downtown mobile

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babykitty said...

cream cheese mouth. cant wait to see you. save me some of that brittle...