Tuesday, May 6, 2008

after i made this video i drove on us-64 through miles and miles of marsh land where i know there were alligators, and i kept seeing signs that said "watch out for bears" farming everywhere i looked. trucks flying past me filled up with pine logs filling the air with piney scent. all roads were named pine this and piney that. bojangles fried chicken (a chain), fresh seafood stands, bait and tackle shops that doubled as filling stations. onto hwy 17 all the way to wilmington. so hard to stay on the road when everything looks so nice around you. i actually cried a few times out of joy. not kidding. i feel so happy. arrived in wilmington at my dumptruck motel (it is NOT super) to a room that smelled like paint and air freshener. left to scope out the downtown and drove down market street under canopies of oaks draped with spanish moss. finally! it was as glorious as i thought it would be. ate a giant ice cream cone and then had a spinach salad and slice of (bad) pizza at slice of life on market street. sat by the cape fear river and watched the sun get low. drove back to this motel and got a room upgrade because the a/c didn't work in my old room. do you know how big a king size bed is??? i do now.
watching idol and feeling very nice. its funny that i didn't know how much i needed this trip until today. i feel so good. so good. today was the best day yet. north carolina is such a beautiful place. today was not so hot that i needed the a/c in the car all day, and when i just had the fan blowing i'd get whiffs of timber burning, wildflowers, barbeque, pines, and just smile. life is certainly good.

i love everyone, even all those people that cut me off,

p.s. i almost forgot! i drove through a town where there was a big sign "home of pepsi-cola" and then drove past the original bottling plant. the font was super scripty and large. i like north carolina.

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