Monday, May 19, 2008

gonna go to a place that's the best

why hello!
today is day 20. TWENTY DAYS. i am currently in east naples, florida (with serena in tow) staying the night at la quinta rooms and suites. woo! we have a microwave and mini fridge and after a night of camping on the beach, and a good 4 hours of driving the car which still isn't functioning properly (a/c wise), i am thrilled to be here with a quaint view of i-75.

last night we camped at bahia honda state park which is on bahia honda key. it was incredible until the sun went down and the noseeums came out. damn those bugs. they came through the screens in the tent! we sprayed deet on every surface of the tent and us, but we still got eaten in our hottest sleep ever. sunset and sunrise were incredible and the moon was huge. i cried several times out of joy. is that embarrassing? i don't even care. oh yes we went snorkeling at looe key coral reef! it was crazy! when we got back in the boat the captain was like "who saw barracudas?" "who saw sea turtles?" "and who saw a shark?" and like 3 people raised their hands, then he said "well you were all swimming with them! there were tons of them out there!" then i shit my pants and thanked god that i didn't see any damn sharks. it was very smart that he didn't tell us about sharks before we went out or i wouldn't have gone. i'm sure that was the point of saving that juicy bit of information until the activity was over. we saw tons of crazy fish and coral and sea plants. i loved it and only felt a tiny bit sick on the way back. i blame it on swallowing all that salty water.

left the park today at 9am because it was SO HOT i was dripping sweat. drove to florida city to visit "robert is here" a fruit stand that doubles as a petting zoo and smoothie shack. got a few treats and said "hey" to some goats and emus.

drove another 2 hours to naples where we now rest. and when i say rest, i mean REST. we are exhausted and i have so much ebay work to do. i hope to finish in the next 3 hours and then take a dip in the pool here. i have been swimming every day and it is the only thing keeping me from obesity. great.

tomorrow we resume thrifting, after a 3 day break, i am ready for more junk. naples (i believe) will be thrift heaven. more on this later.
a few pictures for good measure. if you click these you will go to my flickr page and you can find the rest.

thank you for your time and speak soon,
Bianca (and little cousin)

ann's beach

spindrift motel pool

southern most point, USA

time's up!

bahia honda state park

purple tent!

moonshine on the beach


robert is here

so itchyyyyyyyyy

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