Saturday, May 17, 2008

if you like pina coladas....

day 16:

the sunshine state is still shining on, and will be until (and this is only if my calculations are correct) two mondays from now (may 26th).
i am currently in miami beach, and was in fort lauderdale yesterday, and will be in islamorada tomorrow. what a life!

the water has turned turquoise and i suspect it will only intensify as we head south south south.

i am truthfully exhausted, and would love to say a great and many things here, but i think you will have to deal with this until i find the strength again. the thrifting is really incredible, and also very exhausting, plus we are walking a lot (which is a welcome change -- 5 miles last night alone), and i swam laps in the pool this evening (a beautiful pool and a terribly ugly room with bugs on the wall, a fair trade i say). anyways, all this activity equals being very tired.

tomorrow we have 4 shops on our list to visit and then potentially we will go to the venetian pool in coral gables which is fed by a spring and sounds incredible!

pictures and more when i can.
much love from miami,
b (and cousin s)

day 17 + 18:

islamorada and now key west.
last night we stayed in the sunset inn motel and it smelled like air freshener death, but the bed was huge and comfortable enough, and the tv got tbs which happened to be showing the sex and the city finale. woo!
this morning we went to ann's beach and waded in the water which was excellent and so clear and warm. then serena told me to shuffle my feet to ward off stingrays and i lost my motivation for wading. oh well. layed in the scorching sun for a few minutes and then ate some cold pizza in the hot car. drove 90 miles to key west where i now sit in the library on fleming street until it closes at 6pm.
we are staying in a lovely gem called the spindrift motel and our room is cute and the pool is cuter and has a few elderly sitting around it laughing amongst themselves. i was told on the phone when i booked that there would be internet access, but the only signal i can pick up is from "pearls" which appeared from the homepage to be a "womans only resort" well! anyways they were nearby so we went over to see if we could get a coffee posing as dykes and use their internet. well the restaurant wasnt open but the bar and grill was, so we buzzed a buzzer and went back to find topless sunbathers by the pool and various other overweight lesbian characters. i wanted to gawk but had to keep up my front, serena has short hair so i figured we'd be okay back there for a while. couldn't convince the bartender to give me the code so i had to go to the front desk to pretend to inquire about rates. had a long chat with sara, the clerk, and she gave us a complimentary pen and also a map of all the glbt spots in key west! score! apparently we fit right in, and i chalk it up to the short hair on my cousin and the fact that i was sans brassier.

well then, tomorrow night we are camping at bahia honda state park. scary! thrilling! noseeums! yikes! and then off to naples for thrifting heaven. old rich people galore!

internet is running out soon. need to eat a sandwich. so hot here. so so so hot. and the clearest blue water, birds, beautiful flowers, incredible things happening.
much love,
B + S

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