Friday, November 7, 2008

they keep singin to me

902100000000000000, god! i wish i could explain to you how much this show completes my life. to be able to watch the damn thing, almost from front to back. the possibilities! so i'm right at the part where brenda decides she isn't coming back from london, and VALERIE comes to town. dylan is drinking again and kelly and brandon (aka blondie and the boyscout) are an item. friday used to be my favorite day of the week but now its moved down on the list because it means i have to wait TWO DAYS before more 902. ah! i don't know a sound (or sight) more satisfying than a haggard mckay smashing a bottle of alcohol. ahndrea's tiny baby is out of the hospital and its just a countdown until her latino husband cheats on her. goodie! david is in his heavily gelled phase and is STILL listening to babyface even though he kicked him off his tour! and no one is even twenty-one yet!!!


so! now! here are some pictures. we all know i like pictures, right? i really like them.
the theme of these photos below will be summer light. this is a theme worth revisiting when i upload texas and new mexico.
without further ado, summer light:







okay my dears, adios!
tomorrow: waltz lessons! (wha?)

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