Saturday, November 15, 2008

here is the news

about a week ago i started volunteering at a local radio station here in albany.
i basically just emailed them and said i was interested in helping out.
flash forward to today - november 15th at 5pm - when i will be making my radio debut!
saturdays from 5-7 is my spot. its mostly just me announcing the songs, but you can stream live online: Exit 97.7
and please do!
so this is the secret i've been keeping from the internet, and i feel like i can spill the beans now since i know its happening. the "job" is fun and i get to talk about music and file cds and shit. i'm into it and this is definitely the sort of thing albany is good for. i'm glad there are some of these things, because i attempted going out again last night and albany is NOT good for that. i haven't adjusted to seeing people from high school and telling them that i live here. its a big pride-swallowing issue. i need to just get-over-it.

thanksgivingggggggg is approaching! my menu is still not finalized but i have a bit of time for that. theres a bit more pressure because now i have three birds coming up to visit, but that adds some entertainment and some SPIRIT that would be absent otherwise. sterph shares my passion for a good tday and wants to make something called "corn thing" count me in! i'm stuffing tricks up my sleeve now to pull out at random during their stay. adventure ensues! stay tuned!

pictures? how about a video!

oh you want a youtube clip? fine fine, sure sure, heres a petite gem:

kuss kuss!

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