Wednesday, November 19, 2008

no direction on that same old wind could give me passage through

dylan found erica!
she was being held in mexico on the beach in some lavish house with her mom and step dad.
valerie totally came through in the clutch and they not only got erica but they recaptured dylan's money too!
this episode is one of my favorites because it starts with dylan and brandon in a sweat lodge in the california desert. christ i would watch that for two hours straight. kelly is well on her way to being in a cult and the peach pit after dark is up and swinging! auhndrea and jesse are seeming doing well, probably because she finally told the laundromat dude that she was married and he quit bartending. donna and ray are hot and heavy still. when will he hit her? time is ticking!

new ep of top chef tonight, tomorrow equals raking leaves and tday shopping for non-perishables. wee cooking! tonight i made some roasted sweeties but i added mini purple potatoes and heavily seasoned the whole lot. i ate the whole thing!

bonfire pile is looking good. every day i move a little further down the beach in either direction and look for GIANT logs. its pretty funny. i hope no one is watching me. i keep feeling like people are watching me! i stopped parking my car in the garage because i dont like walking across the lawn in the dark alone. should i buy mace?

i'm working on an epic blog now. maybe you'll see it tomorrow. i'm also working on a "best of 2008" albums list. this is especially tricky considering i own one album released this year. help? please?
love yas!

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