Tuesday, November 11, 2008

rolling down to the sea

okay 902 updatezzzzzzz!

dylan and valerie are hot and heavy but they aren't going to get serious, meanwhile, valerie is playing steve so hard and kelly is on to the whole thing but no one believes her! i find it hard to figure kelly out, because on one hand, i think she's a bimbo, but on the other hand, her first instincts about people are usually right. ooooooooooooh i almost forgot the best part about today, the smokey-voiced ray pruit (one t because its all his mama could afford) made his debut! kelly thinks he could be a mass-murderer, but he just took donna on a secret date to his family pumpkin farm! yippee! griffin is going to be very upset when he finds out catholic donna is playing him for a sucker. david and claire are making out (who knows), and brandon is still do-gooding left and right, only now he is student body prez of cal u, today he is taking on a southeast asian dictator! oh! auhn-drea caught jessie flirting with cougars at his bar! this is really scandalous and she thinks they are in trouble, but he thinks everything is gravy. i can't wait to update you on the status of the med student she met at the laundromat. STAY TUNED!

pining for the delta:






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