Wednesday, November 5, 2008

i washed my face in the morning dew, bathed my soul in the sun

i already regret not buying a paper today. what a day!
i will add to the many many joyful words that have already been written today by just saying congratulations to everyone. isn't there just something about his face? we finally got our golden boy, let's hope our hunches are true.

the main focus of this entry, is actually going to be about travel. TRAVEL! listen, i need these small glimmers to move towards. you can understand, i'm sure. hope! we know all about hope! so anyways, travel. kaitlin is potentially going to paris come january, and paris sounds so right to me right now. christmas, new years, where should i be? i would love to see the everglades in december, and camp next to that teal ocean without the 100% humidity and bugs the size of dust. florida is like a flu shot. i want to sleep in the trees in georgia. i want to eat a snoball in the bywater! more pictures! more life! more movement! all those highways laid out so clear. the feelings are infectious!
let's get inspired:






and then there's always this kind of inspiration:




a time filled with hope! this is better than most alternatives. a time filled with sunshine and hope is probably the only thing better. summer 2009: its coming. into the great wide open part two.

week plans:
waltz lessons!
something that involves the radio that i will talk about later
working at the co-op?
actually cleaning my house?

stay tuned for the answers to these burning questions and more!

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