Saturday, November 22, 2008

i'm gonna go where the lights are bright

thanksgiving rapidly approaches and tonight i made my first batch of butter for hot buttered rum. life is moving along for me somewhat like a lawnmower driven by an elderly person.

still working on the epic blog/essay which will come soon....

in other news:
-tomorrow i will be on the radio for the second time. i am going to do much better this week!
-they told me i could program an hour of my own music if i wanted (to be aired one time). only problem is, i have so much music and its sort of all over the place. i want to have a small string to connect everything and make it easier for talking points. here are the themes floating in me head:
traditional country/bluegrass/folk
train songs (i love train songs)
songs about traveling by car/road trips/moving in car
bubblegum pop
current favorites
alltime favorites (this will be nearly impossible)
highschool throwbacks
misogyny mix (something i am working on for kaitlin that involves extremely sexist songs from the 50's and 60's, and i suspect this is a bit too bold for my first go)
california dreaming (late 60's - early 70's california folk-rock)
seasonal selection (this would be based on whatever season the show would air, nothing too hokey or obvious)

okay end themes. what else? i am trying to be an inspiring dresser these days and its going just okay. i'm still on a separates search and i don't really have a nice pair of jeans at the moment. everything is a bit mom, and not in a good way - promise you that. i've been trying to get to the shoe repair place for a week now AND i'm overdue for an oil change in my car PLUS i need snow tires! errands are annoying and difficult to complete no matter where you live or what they entail.

pictures to finish things off and make things look more well rounded (the theme here is houston, texas):




til next time...

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