Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"may the bridges i burn light the way"

the subject is a direct quote from mr mckay. he told brandon to get out and leave his gun, but brandon just will not comply! leave it to the do-gooder to do the right thing every time!

today i went for a two piece ensemble, pairing two of my favorite wardrobe pieces for the first time. then i stood on top of the toilet to capture my creation. the brogues caused a bit of shoe pain and were very noisy on the floors at work but i think it was worth it because i received a compliment from a 6 year old. this one will be worn again. its a keeper.

november 12, 2008

top chef starts tonight. i have tomorrow off from work but i've filled it with so many things from visiting my high school to check on my 10th grade bio average, to a bit of buns of steel and even some vacuuming! friday is so full and secretive. saturday and sunday will hopefully consist of me visiting a few church sales and even maybe an estate sale in menands. lately i am looking for a coffee table, pyrex cookware, and separates to fill in the holes in my wardrobe. and of course i am always looking for knick-knacks. bric-a-brack. house clutter, ya hear?

apparently i am a blog machine lately and i wish i had some partners in crime. everyone is so slow! c'mon people, what are you doing out there? living your real life? pfffft! overrated!

love to the moon!

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