Friday, May 1, 2009

the great albany bowl-crawl part 4 - del lanes

the crawl continues!
christine was in miami for over a week, so we had to pause our adventure times, but now we are BACK IN ACTION!

tonight we continued the crawl at our old haunt, del lanes, in delmar, our HOMETOWN. this is the alley we both basically learned to bowl at, so we have sentimental feelings for this place. that being said, i will try to set those feelings aside and rate this place fair and square.

that being said, i have an EXCELLENT story about the following picture. when i was in 11th grade i decided to throw a "punk" show, and del lanes was my venue. i called this event (cleverly) "punk rock bowling" and it was a complete success. i had local bands play, and there were so many people there that the owner of this bowling alley gave me some money at the end (which wasn't part of the deal, and i think he gave me like $100 bucks) anyways, someone climbed the building and stole the bowling pin that was cut in half and mounted after the bowling ball in the sign below. that was TEN YEARS AGO. they still haven't replaced it? fine by me, i get to tell an excellent story about it.

del lanes

we picked del lanes because they had an awesome deal: dollar shoes, dollar games, dollar sodas, dollar pizza slices. sweet!

dollar night!

ball selection was great and they had a plethora of 8-10 pounders. i went to the bar and got a giant blue moon for $4.75. all was set. we began our battle.

del lanes

the lanes were packed, so i was a bit distracted, plus they were bumping some r+b hits which really had a negative effect on my game.

here are the scores:

first game

second game - i got my butt kicked

third game- TIE!

so christine basically kicked my butt the entire time, save for the third game where we TIED! which is really pretty incredible. second game c got her highest score EVER. congrats christine! very impressive!

mirror shot

games and lockers

the whole shebang

here's the snack bar, which was way more depressing than i remember it being. we didn't order any snacks so i can't really talk much about the quality.

snack bar

all in all, not too shabby of a night, and it cost us $4 each! can't beat that!

price: 5
equipment: 4
snack bar: 2
bar bar: 3
character: 3
overall: 3.4

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