Tuesday, May 12, 2009

the great albany bowl-crawl part 5 - spare time latham

well boys and girls, its that time again, BOWLING TIME!

so we missed last week because christine is going to be a lawyer and make a lot of money, but this week we made up for it by having about 100 times more people than normal at our bowl night!

i showed up first because the others were running a bit late, i knew right were spare time was because i often shop at the salvation army right down the street. it looks fairly generic and not too exciting from the outside:

spare time sign

spare time latham

spare time is a chain, so i had my reservations about it, but i was bowling with my friend clare and her family and they live right down the street, and it was probably the only way to have them come.
the inside of this place looks like being inside a video game! i was really surprised at how 80s future this place looked, plus it has TWO sets of lanes, one on each side of the place. the set up was definitely newer, but it wasn't as awful as i thought it would be. dare i say, i kind of even liked it!

interior (looks like a video game)


got my shoes which were VELCRO (that's new for me) and cost $3 (which is also new for me because it is A LOT). got our lane-16-and headed out to find the perfect bowling ball. there were a plethora of 8-10 pounders, which i attribute to this place being very family oriented, and not so much for older people or leagues.

lane space - 15 + 16

christine showed up and then the lanusse family also showed up with friends in tow, we needed two lanes! christine and i got beer from the bar ($3) and i asked the counter guy if there were free refills and winked at him and he said "sure, just don't tell anyone" SWEET.

so we started our games, me, christine and clare on one lane, and sean, chuck, sue, and connor on the other. here's a cute action shot of sean helping connor with the ball ramp. it was his first time bowling and he LOVED it! i would say his favorite part was the ball return, he kept making a "pllp" noise with his tongue when the ball would pop out.

connor and sean

this is what i look like when i get a snowman!

YESSSSSS snowmannnnn

so clare, despite saying he never bowls, was actually an excellent bowler, and christine bowled like she had actually never bowled before and didn't even know what bowling was. here are the scores:

first game scores

second game scores

the second game everyones name had to start with c. and i won! well, to be fair, i don't know what the guy called cbre got in the end because i had to speed off to make it home for idol and i still missed the first 2 performances (if kris allen doesn't get voted off i will be LIVID)

here's a picture of parker before i get to the scores:


price: 2
equipment: 4
snack bar: 3
bar bar: 2
character: 3
overall: 2.8

til next time, happy bowling!

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