Thursday, May 14, 2009

i remember the stupid things, the mood rings, the bracelets and the beads

ohhhh there are too many things and too little time!

i have been coming to grips with this asthma thing and trying to come up with some alternatives to regular medication - which has NASTY side effects, no matter which one. i took one pill last week of something called singulair and then came home and did some reading about it and found a slew of nasty nasty side effects which i am not willing to deal with on any level WHAT-SO-EVER. so! i've been doing a bit of research and decided maybe i need more vitamin d3. not only am i a vegetarian, but i haven't consumed meat in over fifteen years and i don't believe i spend enough time in the sun to absorb the recommended amount of d. it helps with a great and many things including: bone health, calcium utilization, cardiovascular and lung health. HOORAY! a 30 day supply of a 100% whole food version of D-3 was onsale at the co-op, so i am going to try and see how that works. i am also on a yeast cleanse (sort of) and i think that is maybe helping? so that's that, and i am feeling pretty empowered about my own health, and thats a nice feeling. reading all the side effects of that pill really opened my eyes, once and, hopefully, for all, to not taking a back seat in one of the few things in this world i have control over, my own body! okay end of that.

let's get to some pictures!

so this past weekend was tulip fest, and i hadn't attended in probably close to 10 years. i was happy to have stephanie come up and share the whole thing with me, plus THIRD EYE BLIND performed! so let's cut to the chase.

3eb on stage

stephen jenkins was wearing a top hat! we were so ecstatic, i can't even explain it. we made our way into the "pit" and started screaming our heads off. it was excellent, and at one point we both looked at each other and said "i'm crying" it really doesn't get any better.



it started pouring rain (as soon as semi-charmed life was over) so we headed home in the car with my mom (throwback!) and got here to find we couldn't even get down the driveway because a giant tree had fallen down across the driveway and taken down a power line! adventure! we risked our lives to run across the wet grass and duck under a live wire and then stephanie got a call from rob that he was in the driveway! ooooops! so we had a guest. i found some candles. whatever. this story is boring. anyways louie and amber came up for the bonfire i was having, and luckily it stopped raining by the time it was fire time. here are some choice shots from that.



louie and amber


a bunch of people were able to come over for the fire, despite the crazy tree issue. oh and also i had a baby duck for about 24 hours, but we've taken him to a lady who raises ducks and had a bunch of babies. i think i am going to visit him sometime this week to make sure he's doing okay. first i named him duckie, but then i decided his name was marvin, marvin gaye. he was a peach and he could melt a giant ogre with one flash of his eye. get a load of this heartbreaker:

marvin gaye the duck

marvin gaye the duck

gahhh i can't even take it! he is killing me softly! peep peep!

what else? oh! mother's day! yes, i have a mom, she is mostly like me but teensy! i also have a brother! did you even know that? he's sort of like a non-brother, but i guess its better than nothing.

mother's day

i also ate ice cream sundaes with christine at my old haunt, tastee freez

tastee freez!

so! there you have it!
the week is almost fini and i get paid tomorrow! weeee! friday i want to go to a bag sale and saturday there are a few sales i am interested in. i'm hoping to get in the kayak on friday when it is supposed to be near 80 degrees! let the browning begin! sunday christine and i are hoping to get down the the city in an actual car! monday we are going to a show on a boat! tuesday delta spirit is playing at valentines, and the wheel is turning once again. all my little seedies are green and growing. i have never known something so (almost) instantly gratifying as growing little seedies. i have dirt under my nails always.

okay lovies, i'm off. please send me a little bit of luck that the first patient tomorrow doesn't toss his cookies again! adiossss!

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