Saturday, May 30, 2009

like gravy, down to the last drop, i keep mopping it up

hello again!
today is a lovely day and i am taking a short break from watering all the flowers and green things to write this and have a drink of water.

i've just decided to sell at something called the albany flea, and i am quite excited for my new adventure! i'm not sure why i am so add when it comes to doing stuff, but it certainly keeps things interesting. i came home today from my favorite church thrift store with a bag of loot for 9 bucks which includes (finally!) THE exact version of guess who i played when i was young. now i have 3 versions! necessary? not in the slightest. awesome? well, yes. obviously. tons of shirts and other junk, that isn't really junk. i'm sure you understand.

tonight i am going to see steve earle (!) with clare. i can't imagine what it will be like. justin (his son) is opening for him, so its a family affair. AND its at the egg!

tomorrow i am going to check out the spaces for this flea market and maybe go to a few yard sales and then take my dad out to dinner at the fountain for an early birthday celebration. hopefully my brother can get it together enough to make it.

what else? i started taking pictures of shoes and bags for etsy, hopefully i can have that up an running by the time i come back from new york next weekend. should i be a dental hygienist or what? can you guys just tell me what to do? should i get a kitten? should i name her dolly? can i get a witness?

time to get back to work. i'll be seein you guys real soon. let me leave you with a picture of my uncle in his ferrari:


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