Thursday, April 30, 2009

tomorrow may rain so i'll follow the sun

well hello and hi to y'all.
we had a burst of heat up here and boyyyy was it fine! it felt like july for 3 straight days and i drove around in the countryside a bit west of here with my windows down playing lovely sparkling summer music and grinning ear to ear. decided to take a drive to minneapolis this summer and i am quite looking forward to that and finally getting to milwaukee! fonzie bronze statue! mostly excited for the road. the speed. the green of this country. and dairy queen, duh.

paid off my credit card debt today and i feel free! so excellent to not have that looming like my own personal grey cloud raining negative signs on me all the time. i went ahead and paid all my outstanding bills as well. a nice tax return will give you that power. now i am free to think of my future plans without taking into account all the money i owe someone else.

toying around with the idea of selling shaved ice. i bought an ice shaver but it seems to be a piece of crap so i just ordered another one on amazon. going to try this one tomorrow with the actual ice disks instead of just regular ice cubes, if it still sucks i'm returning it. expect nice treats from me all summer. nummmmm.

i am planting lots of lovely green things daily. i need to start putting my seedlings outside during the days to get them used to real live nature instead of my laundry room. trial and error is a funny way to play this game, but its the only way. of course i read stuff about gardens here and there, but i think its best to trust my inner grower in this case and see what happens. the land still isn't ready for transplanting so i might just grow giant pumpkins in pots all summer (no, this wont really happen). i also planted all different kinds of shrubs, perennials, and annuals in the beds outside my front door. looking forward to seeing what happens there as well. living in green-land sure has its perks and lately, with my self-imposed moving date in sight, i am having pre-regrets about leaving the country. can i really live in harmony with sidewalks again? everywhere i look i see green and its like lavender ice cream for my soul. i wish i could find the happy medium. or a husband. BOTH! please both.

about now i am thinking it is time to read a bit of cheever (oh, sweet dear cheever) and enjoy the bliss that is my bed. fyi, everyone is invited to my piece of green. just give a holler.




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