Wednesday, April 1, 2009

i called to you, but i used another name

been sitting on the couch so long my butt hurts!
adding up my entire accordion file's receipt contents, month by month, category by category, and it was bulging!

i haven't worked out the totals against the money i made, but i am fairly certain i made out in the negative negative negative.

let's talk about that word: negative.
i've heard many a person use this word to describe me, or my actions, or my words, or my what-have-you, and i would love to say something to these people at this time. this is my airing of my dirty laundry, this is my sailor's lament.
whatever i am, let it be known that i am aware (i like to say 'hyper-aware') of every thing that i am, expressly my faults, as i am constantly trying to make myself a better person. oft i wonder why it is that these people, these nay-sayers, are the pot to my kettle. look before you leap people! practice what you preach! don't look a gift horse in the mouth! and please, (oh please) never carry all of your eggs in one basket!

now that that's all squared away: i smell like a fountain of girl! i have a new affirmation i brain-whisper to my sweet self as i lay me down to sleep: "you are wonderful and you will be something great" this is actually an addendum to my previous affirmation which is far too private for blog longings. i will say here that i have excellent credentials and many a yea-sayer has said the very same thing.

the time is coming (again, again, it always comes again) for the windows to be open and the music to be loud(er). this will apply to everything everywhere. once i learn to two-step the plan will be (mostly) complete and i will be able to draw a smile with my finger in the air always.

i've lost my sentimental steam. let's wind down with some moody skies to compliment my moody brood.





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