Friday, April 3, 2009

the great albany bowl-crawl part 2 - redwood lanes

wow! what a fun night!
tonight christine and i really wanted to get fish fry from bob and ron's on central ave, so we found a bowling alley on central that wasn't the played out sunset lanes, and decided to make a night out of it.

first a picture of where we had dinner/dinner:

bob and ron's fish fry

one special!

okay. with those gems out of the way (and full bellies) we headed down central ave past colonie center to redwood lanes, in albany, which is actually located on nicholas ave, but, unlike olympic lanes, was very easy to find. basically it was love at first sight.

redwood lanes

went in and paid for shoes ($2.50) shoes seemed to be sort of iffy, some not broken in at all, some were broken in too much. took in the scene. commented on how much we loved the interior.

lane view

went off in search of bowling balls and beer, in that order.


when i found the USA ball i knew, KNEW, that i would return many many many times to redwood lanes. ball selection was here and there, most were either too light or too heavy. ended up with a row of 8 pounders. headed to the bar for a pint. i got a coors light and christine got a bud, $2.50 each. back to the lane to start our game (funny coincidence: we've been placed on lane 12 both times so far)

bowling at redwood lanes is quite a pleasure. the ball return is the above ground manual type, and the fan that dries your hands has a button to turn it off and on, and was very strong and effective. A+!

lanes and ball return

first game was a warmup at best with a final score of 76 to 95 with christine in the lead. second game i stared using some positive brain power and extreme focusing methods (or i got drunk off one coors light) and ended up bowling the best game of my life. here are some action shots of christine and i, and then the shot of the final scores of game two.

bianca action shot

christine action shot

2nd game scores

143!!!!!!!!! i can't believe it! it was AWESOME. although to achieve it i had to abandon the USA ball :( settled our tab at the register and each game was $3.50 so we each owed 7 bucks. more than olympic lanes but worth it. plus they have dollar games on monday and tuesday nights from 9-midnight. i will be back!

because of dinner we didn't end up eating at the snack bar, but i did snap a picture for document's sake, and i also took another one of the pro shop on site.

snack bar

vince bonanni's pro shop

other bowlers were definitely regulars and were very friendly. we seemed to be in the middle of the space, to our left were older bowlers, and to our right were younger metal-head types who were blaring slayer on the juke ALL night. a fine time for all.

let's get to the ratings, i decided to add another category, equipment, to the mix, because i believe this to be a very important factor. this includes: shoes, balls, lanes, mechanical stuff, etc.

price: 3 (it was more than olympic lanes by $ .50 but i don't think this is enough of a hike to deduct 1 full point)
equipment: 4
snackbar: 2
bar: 4
character: 5
overall: 3.6

next week i believe we will be visiting a TWO STORY bowling alley in scotia, ny. stay tuned!

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