Monday, April 6, 2009

the great albany bowl-crawl part 3 - town 'n country lanes

well well! its been but a short time since our last bowling excursion, but this week is a busy week so we decided to go on monday so we wouldn't lose a week.

this week brought us through the countryside of voorheesville, down western ave into uncharted territory to town 'n country lanes in altamont, ny!

town-n-country lanes

not too bad from the outside. we went in, paid for our shoes ($1.50 - cheapest yet!) got placed on lane 7 and set out to find the perfect bowling balls, which were easy to find!

lane view

headed to the bar for some beer. decided on blue moon ($3.50) pretty sure no one round those parts even knows what blue moon is because it was definitely old and skunkz. bummer. started our games. for a few frames i bowled with a johnny bravo engraved navy bowling ball, but it wasn't heavy enough, so i switched to plain green 'smart house ball' and it did a much better job. here are the scores from our first two games. interspersed with a few lane shots.

first game

christine in action

second game

electro scorer

headed to the snack bar for some fries ($2.50) they were pretty delicious. snack bar was average. here is christine posing next to the swivel stools.

christine at the snack bar

decided to play one last game because the bowling vibes were with us. it was a pretty disgraceful one for me but christine fared fairly well.

third game

wound down, returned shoes, paid for our games ($2.90 each), and drove away down western ave into the wilderness of new scotland.

winding down

front desk

now, this experience managed to leave barely any impression on us, other than i am fairly sure i saw someone i graduated from h.s. with bowling a few lanes down but was too chicken to shout his name or act like any sort of grown-up person at all. the whole thing wasn't good or bad. it was almost like a non-time! i did enjoy driving there because you get to use the backroads and i remember so many things about them from my childhood. let's get to the ratings!

price: 4
equipment: 4
snack bar: 2
bar: 3
character: 2
overall: 3

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