Tuesday, March 31, 2009

what did you make from the time and the solitude

well well well. howdy and hello to whoever may pass their eyes over this.

not so much to report on, per se, but i feel some kind of restless stirring inside which usually means i have to write it out. or flee. i choose write. i choo-choo-choose you.

the soundtrack over here: wings, aerosmith (!), r.e.m, belle & sebastian, faces, stray cats: a varied muddle of rock and pop with an emphasis on embarrassment, akin to my life, really.

i've been eating books for some time now and i just finished great expectations. i think i am still really affected by the sadness of this story. i've moved on to the beautiful and the damned, and i don't anticipate it to be a happy story, but i believe it to be a bit lighter, and this will make all the difference.

the weather is rainy and i imagine it will rain for most of april. i don't mind this so much because i want everything to turn green and good. i've started some seeds indoors that will eventually go into a "garden" (i quote it because said garden doesn't yet exist and its hard for me to believe it ever will, or that it will support any kind of life at all) the thing i am most excited about is building a compost bin and no longer throwing away organic waste. what a waste!

my one whim recently has been building outfits with the liberty that season change brings. its a thrill again! i've also been making pickles. pickles! you wouldn't believe how easy this is, and i don't really want to convince you of it, because i may try to make money off this in the future. oh and KETTLE CORN. do you know that i can make this delight in the privacy of my own home without the use of a microwave? if that isn't a present from god, i don't know what is!

i've joined the local co-op and i am excited to try out the job of working the cash register and also working in the produce department. i wonder which will be more fun? i sort of like the idea of working in bulk foods also, but i will save that question for another week. the radio station has upped my on-air time and now i am on m-f from 6-9pm! its pretty crazy that i am actually on the radio, and i don't think i talk about how funny this is even close to enough. i am proud of myself! isn't that something! (exit977.org to stream online)

i believe that's about all i have to report on. i've been thinking about doing a video blog for a while but i think i just used up all my material, so i guess it will have to wait until something else news-worthy happens. i'm going to attach a few pictures so there is a bit of a visual for this word heaviness.
showers of love!

pickle closeup

cinnamon roles


agencies against the sun

gratuitous mirror shot

firecrackers after

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miss corinne said...

Tell me that photo is of the soon-to-be-famous pickles you've been making? If so, I'm sold on looks alone.