Friday, March 20, 2009

the sun ain't nearly on the rise, and we've still got the moon and stars above

i couldn't fall asleep last night after i read the ultimate sleeping pill book (great expectations), which, as it turns out, isn't really a sleeping pill after all! i wonder if pip will end up with estella. please don't tell me!

so, as i lay awake in bed, i started composing short snippits for blogs or journals or what-have-you in my head, and of course, in true form, i forgot them all. i'm sure they all had to do with life. actually!

i remember that i wanted to talk about how the world is actually turning. this is some kind of incredible feat. really. think about this. think about the earth being a huge ball and all of us dudes live on it and its actually turning around and around. think about patsy cline saying 'oh, stop the world and let me off' think about 'as the world turns' this is a reality in our lives!

i was also thinking about how life is really just a series of funny coincidences. "floating all accidental like on a breeze" how it is just like jumping from star to star and creating your very own constellation. isn't that nice? choose your own adventure!

well lookadat, i guess i did remember! definitely not as eloquent when composed in my head, but it'll do.

i'm headed to bed to stretch and read the not-so-sleeping-pill-afterall book. tomorrow i am making pickles! i can hardly wait! i don't know how many times i can think and actually say outloud 'life ain't nothing but a funny funny riddle' i think i may be going for the record!

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