Monday, February 2, 2009

wipe your prints and run

more of this until i have the mind to tell you any news worthy news

feb 2, 2008 - from my livejournal

hello! wow what is happening at 2:30 am right now?
i decided not to go out tonight because i had a little too much fun the night before.
thursday night me and stephanie went to karaoke at this creepz place that is free and has wireless mics so you just sit at your table and they bring you the mic and you sit there with your margarita and sing the doobie brothers. HA. we really did sing the doobie brothers. after we were done denise says "never do that one again" 7 margaritas later i find myself having to stop at union pool on the way home to pee. and then of course brook was working and we were chatting about god knows what for probably 30 minutes and i was hiccuping the ENTIRE time. oopz. but the biggest oopz is when i awoke, at 10:15 and thought it was SATURDAYYYYYY. try again you fucking loser you were supposed to be at work 45 minutes ago. christ almighty. so then i put on phil collins and had a grand old time for a good hour and a half before the whimsy struck me to go into work. oh well.

so, in lieu of another night of margs and 1am drunk dials to every boy from a-m in my phonebook, tonight i stayed home with my friend cat (person, not animal) and did measurements for ebay. SO TIME CONSUMING. it really worries me, but i keep pretending (am i pretending?) that i can just make this happen and not actually pay someone $1 to wear a sparkling leopard print sweater. because really i did this by accident. no one ever said that business was easy. anyways, measuring is exhausting and i am so tired. i didn't even get to the shoes or bags. vintage suede platform snow boots fur lace up lumberjack 70s boho. (whats sick is i know that description is too long to fit on ebay)

on top of all the rest, i somehow became addicted to phil collins' face value album. how does this happen to any self respecting human being? the truth is, i know this album has things going for it, logistically, or whatever. but, the point remains, this is the same man that did the tarzan soundtrack and that god awful two hearts video. so, jury's still out on that one, and until they return, i will keep that record playing.

thank you and goodnight.

1)three days ago i downloaded face value on my laptop. coincidence? maybe february is phil collins month and i didn't even realize? either way, this album still rules.
2)i am such an ebay slack right now. the winter is a hard time to play ebay. i am going to come back with a vengeance. but i'm not sure i ever really improved from when i wrote this post 1 year ago.
3)i totally got banned from that karaoke spot. i had my birthday there and it turned into a disaster that involved me pushing everything on every table onto the floor. oops! i'm still pretty sad i can never go back there. at least i don't live in the neighborhood anymore.
4)its the same and its entirely different.

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