Wednesday, February 11, 2009

golden and fair in the sky

can't wait for paris when i debut my new karaoke gem!

you're looking at country

benji told me that there is a chinese restaurant with karaoke on the weekends and no one goes and when you finish singing all the chinese people come to the stage and clap. sounds just about perfect.
kaitlin has also been working on a list of all the foods she wants to eat with me. think about this. this is a good friend. i will be cataloging some recent outfits so she can tell me which ones are the most "french" i need help because me and the frenchies do not really agree on life. i love paris and everything, duh, but i'm pretty sure i am almost opposite of a proper parisian woman. good thing i'm a red blooded yank!

i was just talking to my friend emily about my trip and she said something to the effect of "you'll never want to come home!" and i said "oh yes i will, i love america, europe is beautiful, but america has the most heart" i'm pretty sure that's true. let's look at god's country, shall we?





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