Saturday, February 14, 2009

take a jumbo cross the water

a very quick email i just composed to my little mousey friend in paris. reunited for noodle-dancing in just eight short days!

okay quick before i forget

okay do you have a way to play music in your house? do you have laptop speakers or something? i am on planning dancing a lot.
did you look in the grocery store for brownie mix? can you? i think 2 things: its weird to bring it in my luggage, and if there is a french equivalent we should use it to be more authentic to the experience.
do you want any more treasures other than peanut butter? i totally forgot to get it when i went shopping so i gotta go back.
do you think my house could be haunted? being that its new? maybe its haunted by bats?
do you have the american/euro plug converter thing? going to be necessary. i have one somewhere....
do you like belle and sebastian?
where have you been? benji said he hadn't heard from you in a while. you busy with school?
oh! i'm going to bring an american foodstravaganza for benji! definitely bringing hostess cupcakes. what else?? oatmeal pies?! yummmm.
i ate taco bell yesterday at the mall.

love you!

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