Monday, February 2, 2009

don't cross the river if you can't swim the tide

i guess i do have something to say??

i'm going to paaaaaaaaaaaaarissssssss. wee!
i always manage to take vacations at this time of year, which says something about my internal clock (i don't know what, exactly, but it sure says SOMETHING). i only have to work for about seven more days and then i get 3 weeks off! still not sure how i am going to make my money last for that long (why did i buy those fur boots?!) especially with an 8 day trip to paris stuck right at the end of 3 weeks of unemployment, but it is going to have to work because the ticket is purchased and i already have benji looking for a french fling. i told him to think "french lumberjack" which is potentially an oxymoron. all will be revealed in time....

it already feels like a wednesday, at least, but its only monday! how bleak! at least i have sweet sweet hollywood week on idol (starting tomorrow) to look forward to. i suppose now i also have paaaaaaaris to look forward to! what else, what else? what should i do for my twenty-sixth birthday? friday the 13th! i want to wear a veil over my eyes and take peyote or something. does that even sound fun?

i wish i could explain to you the mind-altering experience i had on saturday night/sunday morning, but it doesn't translate well to cyber-paper. but, i can say that all my talk of remembering things, surfaces, names, what-have-you, has really unlocked some memory vault in my brain, i can remember the texture of pillows i slept on at sleepovers at my neighbors house! top that! without the aid of pictures or letters or anything at all! its all pretty incredible and i am still trying to digest the whole idea and experience.

how about a few pictures. maybe these ones will be about textures. textures i may very well remember in some firework-esque explosion in another five,ten,fifteen,twenty years.






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