Saturday, January 31, 2009

we are words, nothing holds

oh god, poetry!

from a paper journal- january 31, 2000

if i called you in 10 years could we continue where we left off?
would we laugh like the old friends we are? can i ever forget you? if someone leaves marks in your heart can they ever be erased? am i wasting my time? did i ever have any to waste? can i ever be too close to you? will the world ever envelop me in its earth? am i easily awakened? will you stir my heart? leave marks that will never leave me?

1) oh god, poetry!
2) i suppose this poem was written mostly about my then-best-friend, sammi; and, though we still talk from time to time, i cannot imagine calling her and laughing "like the old friends we are." i'm sure i will never forget her - we were friends for probably ten years, but we definitely have very little in common currently, and its almost hard to make conversation with her at this point.
3) yes, you can be TOO CLOSE to someone. this is proven to me again and again and again. one day it will stick.

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